Eco Cotton rug PARIS

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Product information "Eco Cotton rug PARIS"

The PARIS organic cotton-rug is with its simple and minimalistic design a lovely piece for all time ! Like a striped shirt which is an all time favourit in Paris, you see? The rug's simple design makes it possible to style it as you desire – whether you want to dress it up or not.

The rug is made from 100% recycled fibres from textiles. Because we can not really safely know if there are any other fibers included than cotton, the other fibers are estimated:

  • 85% cotton
  • 12% polyester
  • 3 % other fibres
  • Wash: 30°C


In some models, the change of colours is clearly visible, which is often interpreted as a weaving defect. Some rugs have it more, others less.


We think that it is alright to see that it is handmade. That is why we still want to sell the carpet. That is how the low price comes about.



Due to the recycling process, it can happen that a few different coloured fibers have crept into the weaving process. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the possibility that a few glitter threads or other coloured threads are woven in the rugs.

All our rugs are fair trade and carry the GoodWeave seal of approval against exploitative child labor and for compliance with minimum social and ecological standards. The license fees are used to support the social and educational programs in India and Nepal.

Material: Cotton, Recycled cotton
Colour: Blue, Pattern
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